Image Editing

JPG add values to your client's memories. Sometimes the old photos may become yellow losing its quality with times. We provide restoration and help Industries like Publishing, Portrait, Apparel, Jewelleries and many other who may require the need of it. Let us help you streamline your entire post-production workflow. Your project is in the hand of skilled designers. It's very imperative to have knowledge of color saturation, balancing hues, density correction and other multiplex skills to get aesthetic outcome of the projects. We can provide you a studio with accurate services within a quick turnaround time.

Image Editing

Services we offer in
Image Editing

Namedrop Embroidery

1. Image Restoration

No need to worry about damaged images anymore as our designers will have them looking as good as new, as if they happened yesterday.

3D Puff Digitizing

2. Background Correction / Removal

Do you have any pesky obstacles which might be ruining your otherwise perfect image? Fret no more and have it corrected professionally by our skilled designers.

Applique Digitizing

3. Product Photo Retouching Services

Photos are incomplete without effects like Shadow Effects, Photo Colour Correction, Product Photo Cleaning, Recoloring the same product with color variants.

Chenille Digitizing

4. Ghost Mannequin

It is also known as Hollowman. We take care of the neck-joint effects and remove creases and folding on the apparel giving it a 3D effect. This helps us to visualize how apparel will look like when we wear them.

Chenille Digitizing

5. High-End Jewelry Retouching

You may discover after shoot that something is missing in the photo. We help you with shadow creation, Dust and poor reflection removal, Photo enhancement, Scratch removal, repainting metal.

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